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what is degradetional
erosion in scientific terms
what does chemical and mechanical weathering do?
they change the landforms
what does erosion do?
moves weather materials
what is weathering
break down of rock on the earths surface into smaller pieces over time
what are two types of weathering?
mechanical and chemical
what does mechanical weathering do?
when rock is broken down phisically
what does mechanical weathering create
boulders, stones, pebbles, sand, silt, and dust
what sic chemical weathering
in rock changes creating a new rock carbon dioxide and water causes the change high temperature speeds it up
what is a delta?
it is a river that breaks a apart
how is a river usually formed?
it is formed by rain or snow
what do rocks do against rivers
rocks that are in the river move in a different direction constantly the rock is moved during this project
what do rocks in rivers create
they create meanders
how is a waterfall formed?
it is fromed by when it eats threw rock and then wears threw soft rock falling on the ground froming a water fall.
how are humens ruining the echosystem?
the are ruining the echosystem by littering
where does a river start
river starts at a top of mountain
what are the rocky mountains called
continental divide
name four seasons
why are there different seasons everywhere?
the Earth is tilted
how many moon cycles are there in a year
how many sesons are there
how many months are there
who ia Dr. MelGoldstien
a fabulous lab meteorologist
what are the four elements of weather
4)air pressure
what is the source of climate and weather
the sun
how much degrees is the earth tilted
23 1/2
how long does it take to make one rotation
24 hours
what is rotation
on pin a day/24 hours
what is a revolution
one year a 365 1/4 days
how amny days does it take to make a full revolution
it takes 365 1/4 days
what does the tilt create?
it creates the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capracorn
what is the shortest day of the year
december 21 but in the south it is the longest day
what is the longest day of the year
June 21 but is the shortest day of the year in the south
what are the four elements of weather
4)air pressure
what does the sun's rays do
some of the rays hit the equater and they dont spread which causes the equater to be so warm and the indirect rays that hit the higher or lower part spread out which gives them less heat the indirict rays move around two inches and the direct rays move none to 1 inch
what is an equanox
it is a latin word for equal night sun the equator march 21 and September 21
latitude and climate is
angle of suns rays weather and climate rays almost always fall directly on equater
the tropics
23 1/2 degrees North and 23 1/2 south are hot year rond
tempurature zones are
these zones are in middle latitudes 23 1/2 degrees to 66 1/2 degrees N and 23 1/2 degrees to 66 1/2 degrees S are temperate zones cooler than the tropics and have wider roange of temuratures
how fast can avalanches move
1 - 100 mph
how many avalanches occur a year around the world
around 1 million avalanches
how many people die a year from avalanches
around 200 people die
how do avalanches usually occur from
1)amount of snow
what si the most deadly type of avalanche
powder avalanche
name the types of avalanches
1)slab ava.
2)powder ava.
3)wet ava.
4)pirodistic flow
5) rock ava.
what is a slab avalanche
it is the most common breaks offmakes big chunks of snow like rocks
what is a powder avalanche
it is thew most deadly of avalanches picks up snow, ice, and air as it goes extremely fast kills anyone in path
what is wet avalanche
the snow flows like water
what is a Pirodastic Flow
gas and smoke and rocks and mud at over 1000 degrees
what is a rock avalanche
many boulders flow like a river without water
what is the hydrologic cycle
it is the cycle of rain
what is evaporation
liquid turns to gas because of gas
what is condensation
where gas turns back to liquid because of cold air
what is precipiation
liquid falls back to earth
what is precipiation
liquid falls back to earth
what is perspiration
another major source of water besisde the ocean its human sweat
what is the process for the hydrologic cycle
water to gas which traps heat and then gas to liquid where the heat is released
what is transpirit
it is when trees release H2O gas
how do hail occur
it starts out with sleet and then the heat si released getting the sleet cold to make the sleet bigger to become hail
what is weathering?
it is the breakdown of rock or the ground on the earthsurface and breaks down this rock to smaller and smaller pieces
what is mechanical weathering
it is the breakdown of rock phisically
what is chemical weathering
it is when acid rain or other material changes the phisicall structure by taking away the chemicals and changing the rock
what is acid rain
it is when polluted air combined with water vapor and then fall as acid rain
what is erosion
it is the movement of weathered materials like gravel soil and sand
what is sediment
small particles of soil sand and gravel
what is loess
the windblown depositsof rich minerals like durt and silt
what are galciers
huge slow moving sheets of ice
what are moraines
left behing ridgelike piles of rocks and debris
what is latent heat
it is the process off the hydrologic cycle where the liquid turns to gas and holds the heat then releases the heat and turns into the liquid again
how does it rain
it rains by the cluds having a amount of storage space and when theres not enough room for more water it rains because it can't hold it anyomore because it has to let go its gets to heavy
what happens in the winter when it rains
in the winter when it rains the storage area is smaller not allowing to hold as much water in the summer