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Name the lawyer whose office was bombed.
Marvin Kramer
Of what ethnicity was #1?
Jew of German descent
Name the person responsible for orchestrating the bombing.
Jeramiah Dogan
Name the people killed during the bombing
Josh Kramer
John Kramer
Name the lawyer, sent my Jeremiah Dogan, who was to defend Sam Cayhall.
Clovis Brazelton
At trial, who claimed ownership of the fuse?
Carson Jenkens
What message was received from Wedge?
He was listening from nearby woods and if he heard his name by Dogan or Cayhall thier houses and families would be bombed.
What eventually happened to Marvin Kramer?
He committed suicide
What deal was offered to Dogan?
Join the FBI to testify against Cayhall and spend no prison time.
Name Cayhall's new lawyer
Benjamin Keys
Name the full time pro bono partner at Kravitz and Bane.
E. Garner Goodman
Who was Adam's supervising partner?
Emmitt Wycoff
In what case did Adam want to get invovled?
The Cayhall Case
Name Adam's father
Eddie Cayhall
What was Daniel Rosen's job within the firm?
Overseeing the bureaucracy
Name the warden of the prison where Sam Cayhall was kept.
Phillip Naifeh
How did Adam's father die?
Shot himself
Name Eddie's sister
Lee Booth
Name Lee Booth's husband
Phelps Booth
Who was the prison attoney?
Lucas Mann
Adam found out that his grandfather w ould be executed within how many weeks?
Why did Sam think Adam was Jewish?
Because he worked for Kravitz & Bane
Sam believed that Kravitz and Bane discriminated agains what two groups of Americans?
Naifeh decided to put whom in charge of the next execution?
Colonel George Nugent