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Who is the Commander in Chief of the USAF?
President George W. Bush
Who is the Secretary of the Air Force?
The Honorable Michael Wynne
Who is the Chief of Staff of the USAF?
General Michael Moseley
Who is the Air University Commander?
Lt Gen Stephen R Lorenz
Who is the commander of the Air Education and Training Command?
Gen William R. Looney III
Who is the Secretary of State of the US?
The Honorable Condoleezza Rice
Who is the Secretary of Defense?
The Honorable Donald H. Rumsfeld
Who is the National Security Advisor?
Stephen Hadley
Who is the CAP National Commander?
Major General Antonio J. Pineda
Who is the National Vice Commander?
This position is currently vacant.
Who is the executive director of CAP?
Mr. Don Rowland
Who is the senior air force advisor?
Col Russell Hodgkins
What is the primary governing body of CAP?
Board of Governors
Who makes up the national board?
National commander, region commanders, and wing commanders.