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chronic inflammatory disorder characterized by airway obstruction caused by edems, bronchoconstriction and increased mucus production
chronic dilation of a bronchus secondary to infection in the lower lobes of the lung
bronchogenic carcinoma (lung cancer)
cancerous tumors arising from a bronchus
NSCLC (non-small cell lung cancer)
Comprises 90% of lung cancers and there are 2 main types:

1. adenocarcinoma (derived from mucus-secreting cells)

2. squamous cell carcinoma (derived from the lining of a bronchus)
SCLC (small cell lung cancer)
grows rapidly and quickly spreads outside the lung
chronic bronchitis
inflammation of the bronchi persisting over a long time
cystic fibrosis
inherited disorder of exocrine glands resulting in thick, mucous secretions that do not drain normally