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What law called for 1 Chief Justice and 5 Associate Justices on the Supreme Court?
Judiciary Act
The total amount of money that a government owes to others is called what?
National debt
Jay's Treaty did what?
called for Britain to pay damages for seized American ships
Kentucky and kVirginia resolution claimed what?
claimed that states can judge whether a law is constitutional.
A group of department leaders who serve the PRESIDENT are called what?
When a decision is made not to take sides in a war we call that what?
President Washington's ideas on foreign policy were?
The u.s. should remain independent from disputes between other nations
What called for a protest against taxes by backcountry farmers?
Whisky Rebellion
Neutrality Proclamation did what?
declared that the United States would not support wither side in the war with Europe
The name of a ship that sails fast and has many guns is called a what?
Pres. Washington set precedent at begin of his term. How?
He named well talented leaders to head government dept.