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gradual shift in gene freq.s bet. neighboring pop.s
rule assigning social identity on the basis of some aspect of one's ancestry
hypervitaminosis D
contitn caused by xs vit. D;

calcium deposits build up in soft tissues, and the kidneys may fail;

symptoms include gallstones and joint and circulation prob.s;

may affect unprotected light-skinned ppl in tropics
rule that automatcly places children of a union or mating bet. memb's of diff socioeconomic grps in the less-privileged grp.
substance made in specialized cells in the lower epidermis (outer skin layer);

melanin cells in dark skin produce more melanin than those in light skin
natural selection
as formulated by Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace, process by wh. nature selects the forms most fit to survive and reproduce in a given environment
nutritional disease caused by a shortage of vit. d;

interferes w/the absorption of calcium and causes softening and deformation of bones.
social race
a grp. assumed to have a biologcl basis but actually perceived and defined in a social context, by a particular culture rather than by scientific criteria
geographic belt extending 23 deg. N and S of the equator, bet. Trop.s of Cancer (N) and Capricorn