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360 Degree Strategies
surround the target using mutliple media outlets
Ambient Media
the media becomes the background/sceenory
the high saturation of advertisements
Covert Communication Strategy
secretly doing product placing so that when the other object that it is paired with appears (like a song) you think of the product through association
catorgizing people into subaudiences using multiple media outlets
Intergrated Communication Strategies
Advertisers use synergy and repitition
Five arguments regarding the ethics of targeted advertising in time/space
1. Privacy
2. Time -out
3. Presrevation of Aesthtic Space
4. Overload
5.Suspension of Discontent
privacy being breached because of invasive advertising
Time Out
Not a place to escape from advertising
Preservation of Aesthetic Space
advertising in natural environmants ruining sacred places.
Suspension of discontent
willingness of consumers to tolerate a certain degree of discontent in their media experience in exchange for a benefit
Overwhelming volumes of advertising