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cartiliges in body
hyaline,elastic,costal,epiglottis,cartilages of repiratory tubes
girdle of dense connective tissue surrounding cartilage
resiliency of cartilage
water squeezed out of its' matrix rushes back in as compression eases causing it to spring back
most common type of cartilage
(and its' matrix?)
hyaline and its' matrix is fine collagen fibrils.
elastic cartilage
(and its' matrix?)
fine collagen fibrils & also contains elastic fibers(more pliable)
contains thick collagen fibers that can resist compression and extreme tension
function of bones
protect,support soft organs,serve as levers for muscles to pull on,store calcium,contain bone marrow that makes blood cells.
classification of bones
long,short,flat and irregular
enternal/internal bone
spongy bone trabeculaearranged in networks
anatomy of a long bone
shaft,end,covering of outer/inner surface
vascularization of long bones
epiphyseal vessels serve epiphysis
nutrient vessels serve diaphysis(bone marrow occurs w/in spongy bone & cental medullary(marrow)cavity
how are the trabeculae of spongy bone arranged?
along the dominant lines of stress experienced by the bone
microscopic structure of compact bone
osteon-pillar consisting of a central canal surrounded by concentric lamellae.Osteocytes,embedded in lacunae,are connected to each other and to central canal by canaliculi
bone lamellae
concentric tubes of bone matrix,collagen fibers in adjacent lamellae run in roughly opposite directions(this gives strength in resisting torsion)
bone cells
osteoblasts &osteocytes make bone, osteoclasts remodel & repair bone
most bones develop from...
hyaline cartilage in the late embryonic period
primary ossification/secondary ossification center
endochondral bones lengthen until the...
epiphyseal plate closes in early adulthood
bones increase in width due to
appositional width
bone remodeling
new bone tissue deposited and reabsorbed in response to hormonal & mechanical stimuli
secreted by osteoblasts at areas of bone deposit. Calcium salt is then deposited in the osteoid