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an offense against God and a action contrary to his law of love:purposely doing wrong
disobediance against God by the first human beings. This sin marks all human beings as needing the salvation brought about through Christ.
original sin
an acction that weakens our relationship with God.
venial sin
an action so destructive that it mortally wounds our relationship with God; complete rejection of God.
mortal sin
not doing an action that is called for
sin of omission
purposely doing an action that is harmful to oneself or another
sin of commission
the degree to wich people are responsible for their actions
"the state of definitive self-exclusion from communion with God and the blessed, reserved for those who refuse by their own free choice to believe and be converted from sin, even to the end of their lives"
an attitude of not getting involved, not caring, not acting when action is called for
a term comparable"structures of sin" referring to sinful structures resulting from personal sin and leading to social conditions and institutions that do not embody God's law of love
social sin
ways societies are structured resulting in unjust distribution of power, benefits, and privileges.
sinful social structures