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Did the Southern, Middle, or New England Colonies have salvery?
Southern Colonies
Define representative government
when people take an active role in government by electing people to represent them
What types of schools did the 13 colonies have?
Southern Colonies: private tutors, usually only the upper class could afford this option
Middle Colonies: Dame Schools, usually only accepted males

New England: Public Schools, free and open to all

In the Middle and Southern colonies there were also apprentices that would learn a trade
Who was the leader of Jamestown Virginia?
John Smith
What is the Great Wagon Road?
It seperated the middle colonies from the southern Colonies and went through the Mason Dixon Line.
What are the three cash crops and where were they grown?
The three cash crops are indigo, rice, and tobacco. These crops were grown by farmers or on plantations in the Southern Colonies.
What is the difference between Tidewater South and Backcountry South?
Backcountry=Not polished, self sufficent people
Tidewater=Fancy, Plantations
What is a plantation and why was it important?
A plantation is a huge farm with slaves that harvest many crops including indigo and tobaco there were 20-100 slaves
What was a Proprietary colony and where was one of them located?
It was a piece of land that the king of England would rent out to the colonists. An example of one was in New Jersey.
What was the Mason-Dixon Line and where was it located?
A line that divied the Middle and Southern Colonies. It was located between Pennsylvania and Maryland.
What is toleration and who were some of the religons that believed in it?
Toleration is the execptance of other beliefs in a religon. The Quakers and the colony of Georgia are good examples of this.
people who meet in a group to make laws.
What is Indigo and where was it from?
Indigo is a cash crop from the southern colonies. Indio is bluish, purple dye.
What kids had tutors in the Southern and Middle Colonies?
Only rich kids
what are the slave codes?
the men treated the enslaved africans as property not humans.
What did settlers do at town meetings?
They discussed many issues, and voted on things. It gave people the chance to speak up.
What caused Bacon's Rebellion, when did it happen, and what happened during it?
Bacon's Rebellion was caused by the fight over land with the Natives. It happened in 1676. During it angry people raided Native American villages and burned Jamestown.
what is racisim?
the beleif that one race is superior to another
Describe the Puritan religion?
Very Strict, they wanted to "purify" the practices of the Church of England, the minister (head of the church) was also the governor (head of the government)
Name the 3 parts of the Navigation Acts.
Colonies and England traded certain goods, ships were made in England or the 13 Colonies, required tax-stops when trading with other nations.
What does it mean to import and/or export
import: Trade product brought into country.

Export: Trade product sent to markets outside a country
What is triangular trade and what does it do for the 13 colonies and Africa and west indes
Triangular trade was trade between Africa and the 13 Colonies and The West Indes and it ws good for Africa because they got rum, guns and gun powder.It was good for west indes cause they got slaves and the 13 colonies got slaves, sugar and molasses to. REMEMBER TO STUDY THE DIAGRAM IN YOUR NOTEBOOK!
What is mercantilism?
it is the theory that a nation became by building up its gold supply. Under this theory, the more $ a nation had, the more power it had.
Mrs. Dermody Halloween
What is an indentured servant and how do you become one?
An indentured servent is a person who worked from 5-7 years without pay. To become an indentured servant you who have to want to journey to the new world but not be able to pay so you would ask someone to give you a loan and then you would pay them back as an indentured servant in the new world.
Name the Southern Colonies.
Hint: There are 5
Georgia, Maryland, North and South Carolina, and Virginia.
Name the Middle Colonies.
Hint: There are 4
New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania.
Name the New England Colonies.
Hint: There are 4
Massachussetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Rhode Island.
What were the different economies like in the 13 Colonies?
New England= Fishing, lumber
Southern= 3 cash crops, indigo, cotton, and tobacco.
Name examples of representitive governments.
House of Burgesess, Mayflower Compact, and town meetings.
Did the New England colonies, Middle colonies, or Southern colonies have public schools.
The New England colonies had a majority of the public schools. BUT New York, from the middle colonies was the first colony to open a public school.
Who is William Penn and which colony did he founded?
William Penn foundeed Pensylvania in 1682 which there were Quakers.
Who were the Yankies?
They were the people that lived in the north.
Who were the Yankies?
They were the people that lived in the north
Who did Roger Williams disagree against and what did he do?
Roger Williams disagreed against the Puritan leaders and thought that they had to much power. He fled to Narragansett Bay and received some land from the Indians which became Rhode Island.
What did Lord Baltimore do to help the Southern Colonies?
Lord Baltimore gave generous land grants to anyone who brought women, children, or servants to the colonies. He also created an elected assembly, giving the colonists a role in the government.
Is Mrs. Dermody nice?