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how do u transport fluids, large particles, and macromolecules into the cell?
vesicular transport
what is vesicular trafficking?
moving stuff from one area in the cell to another
when u move stuff inside of a cell, how is it done?
with vesicles
How is vesicular transport energized?
with ATP
what kind of things are moved out of the cell by exocytosis
mucous, hormones, neurotransmitters, wastes
for exocytosis what must be first done
enclose stuff that will be thrown out with a vesicle
what molecules aid the process of exocytosis
v and t snares, causes the vesicle to fuse to the plasma membrane
what is transocytosis
moving stuff into, across, and then out of the cell
the vesicles that do transcytosis, vesicular trafficking, and endocytosis are coated with
clathrin coated vesicles are used for
endocytosis and transcytosis
whats the first step of clathrin endocytosis
formation of clathrin coated pit
after the clathrin coated vesicle makes its way to the plasma membrane what happens
it loses its clathrin
a vesicle that just lost its clathrin coating then proceeds to fuse with another vesicle called an
after fusing with an endosome what happens
a lysosome digests its contents
what are the three types of endocytosis that use clathrin coated vesicle
phagoyctosis, pinocytosis, and receptor mediated endocytosis
whats the difference bt endocytosis and phagocytosis
phagocytosis is a type of endocytosis where a large clump of solid material, like a cell or bacteria is eaten
in phagocytosis do you use clathrin coated stuff
whats diff about your typical endocytosis and phagocytosis
pseudopods form in endocytosis, phag ingesting a solid particle
whats the name of the endocytic vesicle that forms when a cell is undergoing phagocytosis
who are the experts of phagocytosis
white blood cells, and macrophages
how do phagocytes move
ameboid motion
is pinocytosis endocytosis
what kind of endocytosis do cells do to sample extracellular fluid
is pinocytosis a routine activity done by the cell
yes, more so than phagocytosis
another name for pinocytosis
fluid-phase endocytosis
most macromolecules enter by
receptor mediated endocytosis and transocytosis
is receptor mediated endoctyosis very selective
what other kind of protein coat can be used for endocytosis
what is caveolae made of
what is the diff bt caveolae protein capsules and those of clathrin
caveloae make smaller vesicles and thinner ones
these proteins line the vesicles that will be used for exocytosis