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process of taking on the characteristics of another culture, resulting in new and blended patterns. The term is typically used to refer to a process that affects a smaller culture that is exposed to a larger dominant culture, but it can occur in both ways
to absorb into the cultural tradition of a population or group
level of status within society (power, access to, and control of resources)
the ways each society organizes and defines itself
behavior which is unusual or different from most people
negative attitudes and stereotypes which influence people's judgments about others
subculture within a larger culture
ethnic group
one's relationhip to (or membership in) races or large groups of poeple classed according to common traits and customs
a "primary group" or system, whose core functions are to provide intimacy, affection, and protection for group members
biological differences as they are understood and interpreted socioculturally
a person's sense about which gender he or she is
gender identity
behavioral expectations that we associate with gender in a given society and that change over the life cycle
gender role
shared standards of acceptable and unacceptable behavior
a group to which a person belongs outside their family and which typically includes persons similar in age or interest
peer group
negative attitudes and stereotypes which influence people's judgments about others and makes it much more difficult to have one's work evaulated fairly
a special kind of peer group that we use to help define who we are or wish to be
reference group
treatment to assist an individual in recovering their previous self, skills, and performance
an individual who is influential in a person's life that one looks up to, admires, and wants to be like
role model
that which arouses someone sexually
sexual object choice
process of teaching and learning by which the culture provides its rules about how to live, how to relate to other people, and the rules of right and wrong
view of a situation shaped by social and cultural factors
sociocultural perspective
widely shared sets of expectations about how someone in a particular role or with particular characteristics is likely to behave
times of major life change