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future president
Lyndon B johnson
JFK's running mate.
flexible response
to have multiple options in retaliation
peace corps
sent american volunteers to other countires
alliance for progress
sent billions to small developing countries
fidel castro
communist leader of cuba
berlin wall
wall built between east and west germany
cuban missle crisis
nuke threats between us and cuba
Limited test ban treaty
made you test bombs underground
hot line
let russia and US communicate directly
Jackie kennedy
first lady who was very popular
donna shalala
was motivated to action by the kennedys youth programs
Bobby kennedy
JFK's brother
New frontier
JFK's cangain slogan
gave finanial assistance to region that needed it
Michael harrington
Published The Other America
Lee harvey oswald
killed JFK
Warren commission
investigated JFK's murder
WAr on poverty
Johnsons way to get rid of poverty
was ttrying to get rid of poverty
a domestic version of the peace corps
Great society
Johnsons reform plan
Barry Goldwater
he ran againts johnson
Medicare, medicade
it gave out health care to people