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The Progressive Era lasted:
From the late 19th century to 1917
Progressive movement's roots stem from these issues:
Corruption in civil serive.
Big Business Monopolies.
Social Reform
How did the Progressive Movement differ ideologically with the Socialist Movement? 2
They never challenged the basic theory of capitalism. Did not believe in the re-organization of society.
Socialist Party candiate for President?
Eugene Debs
IWW Socialist Organization
Industrial Workers of the World
Slang term used to describe Socialists?
Term coined by Emma Goldman to describe a type of Cultural Anarchy?
Free Love
Goldman statement that "all power begins at production", signifed:
The first stage of negotiation.
The philosophy that there should be distrust of all power in institutional form.
Demonstration led by IWW in Lawerence,MA. Textile strike against wage cuts, that led to violence.
1912 Bread & Roses Riot
Core members of the Socialist Party founded in 1901.
Urban workers, and immigrants.
AFL Leader
American Federation of Laborers - Gompers
Incident at Colorado Mine in which miners strike and children die in fires.
Ludlow Massacre 1914
Amendment and Year women got right to vote?
19th - 1920
Laws that were enacted in response to the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire 1911?
Fire Inspection Act
Municipal Building Codes