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Patients requiring treatment guidelines of DCS during saturation dives are found where?
Can treatment tables be initiated without consulting a DMO?
Yes, however a DMO should always be contacted at the earliest possible opportunity.
Because AGE and DCS can occur following seemingly uneventful dives, medical personnnel are not immediately on scene. Name the Diving Supervisor personnel responsibilities of each member of the chamber team:
1) All are thoroughly familiar with recompression procedures.
2) Knows the location of the nearest certified recompression facility.
3) Knows how to contact a DMO if one is not at the site.
4) Completed Basic Life Support training
Under what conditions can a deviation be made from Treatment Table protocols?
Cases of AGE and/or DCS that do not show improvement on standard treatment tables AND The deviation is with DMO recommendation with CO or OIC concurrence. (DMO has the required subspecialty code)
List the subspecialty codes earned at NDSTC for the Diving Medical Officer:
16U0 Basic Undersea Medical Officer
16U1 Residency in Undersea Medicine trained Undersea medical officer
How can a DMO without a proper subspecialty code contribute to a treatment involving recompression therapy?
Modification or deviation to treatment tables are not authorized but advise for patient care is allowed.
What AQD are earned for DMOs for Saturation and Submarine diving?
6UD Saturation Diving
6UM Submarine Medical Officer