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Each region has a different __________.
The climate of a place includes its general ___________ and __________.
temperature and precipitation
For a long time most Americans believed we would always have enough
natural resources
Acid ran can take the form of _________________, ____________, and __________.
The driest place in the United States is __________.
Deathy Valley
A person who studies the forest is called a ___________.
The person who wrote the song "America the Beautiful" is ___________________.
Katherine Lee Bates
Two ways that geographers break the US into areas to study them is: ______ and _____.
*arid America
*humid America
Examples of renewable resources
some minerals
solar power
hydro(water)electric power
Examples of nonrenewable resources
fossil fuesl such as: oil or natural gas, coal
Ways to practice conservation
*pick up litter
*plant trees
*laws to prevent pollution
One of our most important natural resources is ________.
How do forests benefit us?
1.Soaks up sunlight - keeps the temp. down
2.Hold soil - keep if from washing away
3.Provides oxygen - removes carbon dioxide
What do foresters decide about forests?
1.How many trees can be cut down.
2.When to plant trees.
3.Where to plant trees.
4.How many trees to be planted.