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What does on in state courts with limited jurisdiction
traffic, juvenile, justice of the peace, family law, small claims, misdemeanor criminal law cases and civil law cases under a certain dollar amt
what do general state courts look at
they look at thwatever the limite courts don't look at. they also save any evidence given at the trial for furture rference
what do state apellant courts do?
this is where a trial is revisited to see if an errror was originalyl made
what happens in the state supreme court?
they review the trial; no new evidence
what limited jurisdiction cases does the federal court listen to
Tax court
claims court
court of int. trade and
bankruptcy court
US district courts have what kind of juruisdiction and what do they look at?
US district courts have general jurisdiction. most ofthe cases start in fed. district court. they listen to evidence, have juries, hear testimoney and decide cases
what is the diff. betwen in rem and quasi jurisdiction
in rem jurisdiciton means that the court has control over prop. in the state. in Quasi rem jurisdiction means that the court has control over any attached prop. in another state