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What materials make up the inner core?
solid core of iron and nickel
What materials make up the outer core?
Melted metal of iron mixed with nickel
What materials make up the mantle?
rock and magma
What changes the earth's surface?
Water, wind, and ice, faults, earthquakes, tsunamis
What are the 3 layers of the earth made of?
Core, mantle, and crust
A ____________ is a flat, gently rolling landform
Major landforms include ___________, hills, plateaus, and plains.
What is the difference between mountains and hills?
Hills are lower and more rounded but are still higher than the country around them.
Oceans, salt water, seas, gulfs, bays, straits, lakes, streams, rivers are examples of ________________
Water Bodies
Lakes, streams, and rivers are _____________ landforms
99% of the atmosphere is made up of what two chemicals?
nitrogen and oxygen
True or False.
The atmosphere protects the earth so that all living things could survive.