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The terms: social transformation, industrialization, urbanization, and proletariazation are all characteristic of what period?
The late 19th Century
Term used for separate roles for men and women?
Gendered Spheres
Term used for the WORLD VIEW of the middle-class?
Middle-class Ethos
Who coined the phrase, "Curse of conspicuous consumption."
Thorstein Veblen
Classification of workers into ranks described as blue and white collar?
Aristocracy of Labor
Term used for the de-skilling of workers?
Term used for the division of labor due to race, gender, and national identity?
International Ladies Garment Workers Union
Spontaneous walkout led by garment worker Clara Lylich in New York?
Uprising of the 20,000
Man who standardized schools and textbooks. Was a proponent of public schools?
Horace Mann
Term used to describe the movement of immigration based on economics upturns and downturns throughout the world?
Push & Pull Economics
Percentage of immigrant population living in the cities by 1900-1910?
Symptoms of the gap between the rich and the poor? 3
Lower classes are punished for theft, alcoholism, rich are not. Gangs develop.
Police force develops.
Preaching that focused on improving living conditions for the poor, rather than "saving the soul".
Social Gospel
Famous specker for the Social Gospel?
Jim Lewis