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Reporter and photographer who wrote, "How the Other Half Lives', which chronicled the conditions in the New York slums?
Jacob Riis
First Settlement House in America?
New York Neighborhood Guild
Ran Settlement House in Hell's Kitchen NY. Wrote,"Christianity and the Social Crisis".
Walter Rausenbusch
Founder of Hull House in Chicago.
Jane Addams
Term used to describe the basic dislike of Catholics and certain minorities rather than immigrants altogether?
Immigration to America increased because? 4
Industrial expansion.
Cheaper transportation to America.
Collapse of Euro. Peasantry
Economic betterment.
Term used to describe the new social constrution based on regulation within the workplace?
Rigors of the Clock
The reserve army of labor that keeps wages down?
The unemployed
Politicians, ministers, teachers, editors, nurses and doctors, are all this type of worker?
Class taught to new immigrants so that they could be assimilated?
Patriotism Classes