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The first priority of blood pressure homeostasis is to maintain adequate perfusion to which two organs?
Brain and Heart
-Their diameter can be altered by neural input.
-Are the main site of variable resistance
-Store pressre generated by the heart.
-Have walls that are both stiff and elastic.
-Have thin walls of exchange epithelium.
-Blood flow is slowest through these vessels
-Carry low oxygen blood
-act as a volume reservoir
-Their diameter can be altered by neural input.
-Have the lowest blood pressure.
-Carry low oxygen blood.
-Have thin walls of exchange epithelium.
List the four tissue components of blood vessel walls, in order from inner lining to outer covering.
2.Elastic tissue
3.Smooth Muscle
4. Fiberous Connective tissue
Function of Endothelium
Where exchange takes place in capillaries and where important paracrines are secreted.
Function of Elastic Tissue
Allows the vessel walls to recoil after being stretched
Function of Smooth Muscle
Provides resistance to stretch and contraction of vessel.
Function of Fiberous Connective Tissue
Provides resistance to stretch.
Blood flow to individual tissues is regulated by selective vasoconstriction and vasodialation of which vessels?
Arterioles regulate blood flow to individual tissues.
The rapid pressure increase that occurs when the left ventricle pushes blood into the aorta can be felt as a pressure wave or ________.
What is the equation used to calculate the strength of the pressure wave?
Systolic - Diastolic
List the factors that aid venous return to the heart.
-One way valves in the veins
-The skeletal muscle pump
-Low pressure in the thorax during breathing.