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Domain Specific Knowledge
Knowledge about a specific subject, such as chess or physics
Sternberg's Characteristics of Expertise
-Having large, rich schemas containing a great amount of declarative knowledge about a given domain
-Spending proportionately more time determining how to represent problems before searching for solution
-Developing sophisticated representations based on structural similarities among problems
-Having schemas that contain procedural knowledge about strategies for solving the problem
-Working forward from given info to implement procedures for finding problem unknowns
-Automatic sequence of steps within solution procedures
-Monitor problem solving strategies carefully
Stages in Solving a Problem
1)Construct representation of the problem by connecting it to prior knowledge
-features may activate schema is connections found-If schema activation occurs--Stage 3
2)Search for a solution-Need general strategies
3)Implement solution
Work Forward
Selecting relevant info to solve a problem in the order that it should be used in the solution
-experts use this strategy
Creating a novel and useful product or solution
-requires cognitive abilities such as effective control of working memory, sustained attention, cognitive flexibility, judgment of appropriateness--In prefrontal cortex