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The cotton gin was invented in 1793 by
Eli Whitney.
The secrets of the British textile industry made it possible to build the first successful water-powered textile mill in America.
Samuel Slater
Workers and machines came together under one roof, usually near a source of water to power the machines.
factory system
The songs in which enslaved people of the South expressed their religious beliefs or passed coded messages were called
For what is Nat Turner best known?
leading an armed revolt of some 70 slaves
Machines replaced hand tools, and large-scale manufacturing replaced farming as the main source of work.
Industrial Revolution
How did the cotton gin change the South?
It encouraged Southerners to grow more cotton.
-The steamboat improved transportation by carrying people and goods faster, even against a river current or a strong wind.
Robert Fulton
The telegraph allowed a person to communicate almost instantly with other people in distant places.
Samuel F.B. Morse
Young girls lived in company-owned boardinghouses and worked in factories for 121/2 hours a day.