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Physic Determinism
the assumption that everything happens in a persons mind, and therefore everything a person thinks or does has a specific cause.
Internal Structure, The ID
our inner desires, temptations.
Internal Structure, The Ego
what we think and recognize as our thoughts. the ego cares about practical consequences.
Internal Structure, The SuperEgo:
incorporates moral ideas in decision making. the superego cares about right and wrong.
psychic conflict:
because the mind is divided into distinct and independent parts, it can conflict with itself. mind battles itself. the result is Anxiety.
Compromise formation:
finding the middle ground between ones morality, motivations, and one's wants at the same time. the result of the compromise is what a person actually does.
Limited Psychic Energy: how does this influence behavior
Assumption of this approach is that the psychological apparatus of the mind needs energy to make it go.
Libido= life drive:
The mental, physic energy needed for psychological processes in the mind. Includes sexual energy and desire in the sense of pleasures experienced in life as well as reproducing, making more life.
Goal of Psychoanalysis
is to free up more psychic energy- or computing capacity- for the challenges of daily living, by removing neurotic conflicts one by one.
Thanatos= Death drive
everything has its opposites. with life comes death. in the end everyone dies.
Doctrine of Opposites
states that everything implies, even requires, its opposite. one cannot exist without the other, life = death, happiness requires sadness and so on. One cannot exist without the other.
Oral Stage:
o timing: birth to 18 months
o physical focus: mouth, lips, and tongue
o psychological theme: dependency
o adult character type: two extremes: overly dependent or overly independent.
anal stage:
o timing: 18 months to 3 years
o physical focus: anus and organs of elimination
o psychological theme: self-control and obedience
o adult character types: obsessive-compulsive or anti-authority.
develops the Ego.
Phallic Stage
o 3-7 years
o physical focus: penis
o theme: love, fear, jealousy, gender identity and sexuality.
o Adult character types: stern moral issues with sexuality.
genital stage
o Puberty to adulthood
o Physical focus: genitals
o Theme: the reproduction and enhancement of life.
o Adult character types: well-rounded, being able to work and love.
Primary Process Thinking:
the way the unconscious mind operates with no thoughts of consequences but insists upon gratifying every desire.
ID(internal desires)- based.
Immediate Gratification of every Desire.
Imagery and symbolism.
Secondary Process Thinking:
the Conscious part of the ego thinks this way; it is rational, practical, and prudent, and it can delay or redirect gratification.
Topographic Model of the Mind: Conscious Mind
The thoughts that we are aware of.
Topographic model of the mind: Preconscious Mind:
Things we can easily bring to mind without much thought.
Topographic model of the mind: Unconscious Mind:
Things we are not aware of.