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Canada has x provinces and x territories.
10, 3
Canada's 4 Atlantic Provinces.
Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick.
1/2 Hour earlier.
Mainland for Newfoundland.
Type of dog drained to do water rescue.
The smallest prinvince, known for being the setting of the novel, Anne of Green Gables.
Prince Edward Island.
A poor, fishing province that can be seen on ESPN for its x.
Nova Soctia, Highland Games.
Area that exiled the French Acadians in 1755.
Nova Scotia.
Area the allowed the French Acadians return in 1764.
New Brunswick.
Forms part of the x Mountains, which extend northward from New England. The soil here is x, and x, like in New England.
Appalachian, rocky, thin topsoil.
Nickname for this area.
The Maritimes.
bordering on or relating to the sea.
The smallest and poorest of Canada's regions, 5% of Canada's land and 10% of her population.
Atlantic Provinces.
A Viking. Probably the first European to land in North American in the year, x, according to the Icelandic sagas.
Leif Ericson, 1,000.
The lare the Vikings landed in, nicknamed x.
Newfoundland, Vinland.