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Launch of the French Revolution
War between Britain and France
French Revolution
What effect did the French Revolution have on foreign policy
The US declared that it would remain neutral and be friendly to both sides.
In 1794, British agreed to pay damages for US vessels they had seized.
Jay's Treaty
Act passed by Congress to solve the problem of dividing power between state and national courts.
Federal Judiciary Act
In 1795, Spain gave Americans the right travel freely on the Mississippi River and store goods free (no customs duties) at the port of New Orleans.
Pinckney's Treaty
What was the national debt in 1789?
$52 million
Why was it important for the US to pay off its debt?
To show that they did not want any more wars because they needed their money for other things.
What is a tariff?
Tax on imported goods.
What was Hamilton's plan?
Pay off all war debt
Raise government revenues
Create a national bank
How did tariffs play into Hamilton's plan?
One of his goals was to raise government revenues and charging taxes would help with this.
The four men in Washington's cabinet
Alexander Hamilton
Edmund Randolph
Thomas Jefferson
Henry Knox
Year the US gains control of the Treans-Appalachian West
1778 - Set a boundary for the Spain border so others could travel freely
One who favors broad contruction of the Constitution would NOT likely support
the political theory of states' rights
Why did ALexander Hamilton believe the nation needed to pay its debts?
Other countries would not do business with the US