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A point of contact b/t two bones, b/t bone and cartilage, or b/t bone and teeth?
a joint
AKA: articulation & arthrosis
Bones that are held together by fibrous connective tissue (that is rich in collagen fibers) are what type of joint?
fibrous joints
The bones are held together by cartilage; there is no synovial cavity?
cartilaginous joints
The bones forming the joint have a synovial cavity & are united by the dense irregular connective tissue of an articular capsule, and often by accessory ligaments?
synovial joints
The functional classification of joints relates to the degree of movement they permit? T/F
An immoveable joint?
A slightly moveable joint?
A freely moveable joint?
The structural classification of joints is based on the presence or absence of a space b/t the articulating bones;synovial fluid, and the type of connective tissue that binds bones together? T/F
A fibrous joint that only occurs between bones of the skull?
Functionally, sutures are classified as what type of joint?
A fibrous joint in which there is a greater distance b/t the articulating bones and more fibrous connective tissue than a suture?
What is an example of a syndesmosis joint?
interosseous membrane
(and the anterior tibiofibular ligament)
Functionally, syndesmosis is classified as what type of joint?
A type of fibrous joint in which a cone-shaped peg fits into a socket?
An example of a gomphosis joint would be?
the articulations of the roots of the teeth w/ the sockets of the aveolar processes
Functionally, gomphosis is classified as what type of joint?
Lacks a synovial cavity and allows little or no movement?
cartilaginous joint
A type of cartilaginous joint in which the connecting material is hyaline cartilage?
One example of a synchondrosis joint would be?
the epiphyseal plate that connects the epiphysis & diaphysis of a growing bone
Functionally, a synchondrosis joint is classified as what?
A cartilaginous joint in which the ends of the articulating bones are covered w/ hyaline cartilage, but a broad, flat disc of fibrocartilage connects the bones?
An example of a symphysis joint could be found at the intervertebral joints or at the junction of the manubrium and the body of the sternum? T/F
Functionally, a symphysis jont is classified as what type of joint?
What is the unique characteristic of a synovial joint?
a space called a synovial (joint) cavity
Functionally, a synovial joint is classified as what type of joint?
Bones at a synovial joint are covered by by a layer of hyaline cartilage called?
articular cartilage
i.e; covers articulating surface but does not bind them.-reduces friction.
Surrounds a synovial joint, encloses the synovial cavity, and unites the articulating bones?
articular capsule
The articular is composed of two layers, what are they called?
1. outer fibrous capsule
2. inner synovial membrane
Ligaments are found in a fibrous capsule? T/F