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natural rights
def: fundemental rights

•such as religious liberty and equality before the law
•John Locke had the same ideas-he believed that a social contract/agreement that existed between political leaders and the people they governed
def: a type of government in which the head of the state is elected and the people hold the political power

•the writes of the 1st state constitutions moved toward deomcratic rule
def: a set of basic principles and laws that determine the powers and duties of the government

•The first written constitution was called the Fundemental Orders of Connecticut after the colonists of Connecticut drew up their own detailed plan of representative government
def: voting rights

•Some states only allowed any white man who was a taxpaying citizen to vote
•other states gave the vote only to white men who owned property
•most states made property ownership a requirement for holding an elected position
•a few of the first states constitutions gave voting to free african americans and women
•Massachusetts and New Hampshire gave voting to free african americans
•New Jersey was the only state that allowed white women to vote after the Revolutionary War
def: formal approval

•after approving the articles of condfederation, the 2nd continental congress sent them to each state legislature 4 ratification
•all 13 states had to ratify the articles before the new national government could take affect
•conflicts over the western land clams delayed the ratification process
Land Ordinance of 1785
def: this called for surveys and the division of these public lands

•the surveys divided the lands into townships, in turn, were divided into 36 lots of 640 acres each
•the new ordinance required each township to set aside one lot of land for a public school and four lots for Revolutionary War veterans
Northwest Ordinance of 1787
def: what congress passed to establish a political structure for the region

•based in part on an earlier proposal by Thomas Jefferson
shay's rebellion
def: the uprising of farmers in three western countries errupted into revolt

•bands of amgry citizens armed with pitchforks and other farm tools closed down courts in western Massachusetts
•their reasoning was simple, with the courts shut down, no one's farm could be forclosed
•it is known as shay's rebellion because daniel shays, a poor farmer and revolutionary war veteran, was its most prominent leader
Northwest territory
def: a vast region that included present-day illinois,indiana, michigan, ohio, and wisconsin
•the northwest ordinance also created a system of limited self-government for the settlers living in the area
•it said that when a portion of the northwest territory had at least 60 free inhabitants, these settlers could draft their own constitution and petition congress 2 be admitted to the union as a state
def:taxes on imports or exports

•britain forced american merchants to pay high tariffs in order to sell goods such as rice, tobacco, tar, and oil in britain
interstate commerce
def: trade conducted between two or more states

•without such regulation, states adopted trade policies that were beneficial to their own interests
•as a result, trade laws varied from state to state, making it difficult for merchants whose businesses crossed states lines
def: people who lend money

•fled Rhode Island to avoid accepting worthless currency in payment of debts owed to them
def: people who owe money

•in rhode island and morth carolina, inflation helped debtors because they were able to pay off debts with currency that had lost value since they had borrowed it
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shot heard round the world
•70 minutemen prepared then went to Lexington meeting a much larger group of British soldiers
•The commander said, “Don’t fire unless fired upon. But if they mean to a war, let it begin here!”
•Suddenly, a mysterious shot rang out and 2 this day, know knows who fired the first shot @ Lexington and is know as the shot heard round the world
•When the smoke cleared, the badly outnumbered colonists suffered 8 and 10 wounded
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