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Roughened projections on either side of the distal end of the humerus?
1.medial epicondyle
2.lateral epicondyle
What nerve makes you see stars when you hit your elbow?
ulnar nerve
Located on the medial aspect of the forearm?
At the proximal end of the ulna is a prominence of the elbow?
A large curved area between the olecranon and coronoid process that forms part of the elbow joint?
trochlear notch
On the lateral side of the coronoid process is a depression, which recieves the head of the radius?
radial notch
Inferior to the coronoid process is the __?___ to which brachialis muscle attaches?
ulnar tuberosity
Located on the posterior side of the ulna's distal end; provides attachment for the ulnar collateral ligament to the wrist?
styloid process
Located on the lateral aspect of the forearm?
The head of the radius articulates with the _______ of the humerus and the ______ of the ulna?
1. capitulum of the humerus
2. radial notch of ulna