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A prominent ridge on the scapula that runs diagonally across the posterior surface?
the spine
The lateral end of the scapula's spine, projects as a flattened, expanded process called?
Inferior to the acromion is a shallow depression called what?
glenoid cavity
The head of the humerus and the glenoid cavity form what joint?
glenohumeral joint
-or shoulder joint-
Thin edge of the scapula closer to the vertebral column is called the __?____ border?
medial (vertebral)
The thick edge of the scapula, closer to the arm is called the ___?____ border?
lateral (axillary)
The superior edge of the scapula, the superior border, joins the medial border at the ___?___ angle?
superior angle
The medial and lateral borders of the scapula join at the ____?____ angle?
inferior angle
A prominent indentation along the superior border through which the suprascapular nerve passes?
scapular notch
At the lateral end of the superior border of the scapula, is a projection of the anterior surface called?
Coracoid process