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This battle was led by Benedict Arnold& Ethan Allan where they were able to seize a vital store of weapons.
Ticonderoga& Crown Point.
This battle was a turning point since it is when George III officially declared the colonies to be in rebellion. The colonists fought until their gunpowder gave out
In 1775 at Bunker Hill the colonists slaughtered the British.
What was the thesis to Thomas Paine's book Common Sense
The thesis made it clear that it was ridiculous that tiny Britain should rule over the large America's. Also, that the Americans should stop being inconsistent& overthrow British reins.
Burhoyne had an excellent plan to sever New England from the rest of the colonies. Why didnt this happen?
Benedict retreated slowly, which bought needed time until winter came. Also, burgoyne moved slowed since he had 7000 troops& heavy baggage. Then Howe attacked Philadelphia instead of aiding Burgoyne so he could engage Washington in battle, but he ends up surrendering at Saratoga
This was a vital battle in 1777 since it revived the cause& gave the US Fr. aid.-
-it caused Catherine the Great to form the Armed Neutrality in 1789-
-the revolution was turned in2 a world war. we couldnt have win w/o the help of the other paises
-Fr started blockading Philadelphia to protect the West Indies& to cut Br. supply lines
Who turned traitor? why? How?
Benedict Arnold betrayed the Americans when he offered to sell out West point to Britain since he felt unappreciated.
At the Carolina Campaign what method did Nathaniel Green use to win the campaign, but that lost many battles.
Nathaniel Greene won thru the Carolina Campaign thru his delay tactics.
What did George Rogers Clark do?
he captured Kaskaskia, Chohokia and Vicennes
What assumption did Cornwallis make that cost him the war?
Cornwallis assumed that the British control of the seas would back him up. Big mistake
Why would John Jay, Benjamin Franklin and John Adams sign the Treaty of Paris?
It ended the war.
-Britain recognized US independence
- we were granted generous boundaries, -we retained the fisheries of Newfoundland
-we couldnt persecute loyalists/rights& property of loyalists must be restored
-allowed creditors of each pais to be paid by citizens of the other
-evacuation of all British forces