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planned change
results from a well thought out and deliberate effort to make something happen
change by drift
accidental change
change agent
a person skilled in the theory and implementation of planned change
occurs when the change agent convinces members of the group to change or when guilt, anxiety r concern can be elicited.
the change agent identifies, plans and implements appropriate strategies, ensuring that driving forces exceed restraining forces.
the change agent assists in stabilizing the system change so that it becomes integrated into the status quo
driving forces
advance a system toward change; also known as facilitators
restraining forces
impeded change; also known as barriers
complex adaptive systems theory
suggest that future behavior may not always be predictable
to give current research as evidence to support change
normative-re-educative strategies
use group norms and peer pressure to socialize and influence people so that change will occur.
the application of power by legitimate authority, economic sanctions, or political clout of the change agent
short-term wins
used so followers can recognize and celebrate progressive change along the way
change agents who see problems in the present and want to make things better for the future.
tradition bearers
the preservers of what is best from the past and present