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he started growing in Virginia...a high-grade tobacco.
a pocahontas
b william Bekley
c john smith
d john rolfe
John Rolfe
he raised taxes and took voting rights away from men who did not own land...
a pocahontas
b william bekley
c john smith
d john rolf
William Berkeley
He led the people who were threatened by the Jamestown Settlers.
a pocahontas
b william bekley
c powhatan
d john rolfe
In the slave trade in the 'middle passage' was the.
a slave action
b march to a slave factory inafrica
c journey across the ocean from africa to america
d middle section of a slave slip
Journey across the ocean from Africa to America.
he led the rebellion against the governor of Virginia.
a pocahontas
b nathaniel bacon
c john smith
d john rolf
Nathaniel Bacon
The reson that the first settlers that went to jamestownwas to.
a plant tobbaco
b look for gold
c set up a representative government
d make new homes with their families
look for gold
as leader of the jamestomn settlement, he made everyone work in order to eat.
a pocahontas
b willian berkely
c john smith
d john rolf
john smith
the james river provided the settlers with all of the following exept
a an esecape rout from the indians
b protection form naval attacks
c clean drinking water
d a rout for carring goods
clean drinking water
a governors council was
a his written plan of government
b the groupof people he governed
c the people he chose to be his advisors
the people he chose to be his adivisors
american exports, such as tabbaco, were
a raised in other countries and sold to the colonies
b grown in the colonies and used there
c raised in the colonies and sold to other countries
raised in the colonies and sold to other countries
a cash crop was called that because
a selling it provided the farmer with cash
b planting and harvisting it required a lot of cash
c it was so useful that a farmer who planted it had no need for cash
selling it provided the farmer with cash
the virgina house of burgesses was a governing body of of people that were
a hand-picked by the government
b elected by all settlers
c elected by free white males
elected by free white males.
How were indentured servants different from slaves.
After a period of 57 years, indentured servants recceived their freedom.
In the carolina colony, slaves used their African farming skills to grow...
When the good land near the rivers was settled, settlers who wanted land usually.
Moved to the frontier.
In the 1670's, Virginians rebelled against the governor mainly because...
the governor would not protect them from indians.