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a publicly visible process with rules and restrictions through which young men and women find a partner to marry
institutional marriage
a marriage in which the emphasis is on male authority, duty, and conformity to social norms
companionship marriage
a marriage in which the emphasis is on affection, friendship and sexual gratification
archival research
research that uses printed or written documents stored in libraries or other data archives
individualized marriage
a marriage in which the emphasis is on self-development, flexible roles, and open communication
marriage market
an analogy to the labor market in which single individuals (or their parents) search for others who will marry them (or their children)
specialization model
a model of the marriage market in which women specialize in housework and childcare and men specialize in paid work outside the home
income-pooling model
a model of the marriage market in which both spouses work for pay and pool their incomes
the sharing of a household by unmarried persons who have a sexual relationship
pure relationship
an intimate relationship entered into for its own sake and lasting only as long as both partners are satisfied with it
manifest function
a publicly stated, acknowledged reason behind social actions
latent function
an UNacknowledged, UNstated reason behind social actions
family of choice
a family formed through voluntary ties among individuals who are not biologically or legally related
a stable, intimate relationship between two people who live in the same household but may or may not be married