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Where was Nubia and what were their ways of life?
Southern Nile Valley; Mastered bow and arrow, conquered surrounding communities.
Where was Kush and what were their ways of life?
Southern Nile River Valley; Important trade center, produced iron.
Where was Axum and what were their ways of life?
Near the Red Sea; Established trade with many cultures.
Where was Nok and what were thier ways of life?
West Africa; Used metal tools to farm land.
What kingdom was sundiata the ruler of and what were his achivements
restored salt and gold trade, restored farm production
who was mansa musa the ruler of and what were his achievments
opened trade routes, introduced islamic culture to mali, built mosques
what was sunni ali the ruler of and what were his achivments
exspanded kingdom to include much of west africa
what was Askra Muhammad the ruler of and what were his achivments
divided kingdom into provinces, introduced laws based on islam
What are oral traditions?
Legends and history passed by word of mouth from one generation to another.
What five sections can Africa be divided into?
North, South, East, West, Central.
What is a plateau?
A high, flat area.
What are savannas?
Treeless grasslands
What is Africa's highest mountain?
What are matrilineal societies?
Villages that traced their descent through mothers rather than fathers.
belief in one god
muslim houses of worship
sole control or ownership
populated by a variety of cultural groups
What's the Great Zimbabwe?
A wall that protected Zimbabwe.