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wanted to keep peace with Britain's Native American allies.
Great Britain's monarch King George III
provide housing and supplies for British soldiers.
The purpose of the Quartering Act was to require the colonies to
was needed by the British government to pay its debts.
The revenue that Great Britain hoped to raise in the colonies
Stamp Act.
The British law that directly taxed the colonists was the
a Virginia leader who called for resistance to the Stamp Act
Who was Patrick Henry?
A group that staged protests against the Stamp Act was the
Sons of Liberty
Why might a boycott be a good way for people to protest a law or other action that they do not like?
Know that a boycott is a nonviolent method of protest that relies on economic pressure rather than force to accomplish its participants' goals.
In 1767, the____attempted to raise money to pay the salaries of British governors and other officials in the colonies.
Townshend Acts
One of the colonists who organized protests and urged other colonists to resist British control was____, a leader of the Boston Sons of Liberty.
Samuel Adams
In 1770, an incident that the Sons of Liberty called the___was used as propaganda to arouse the colonists' resistance to British authority.
Boston Massacre