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what does the term bicameral mean
body consisting of the house or representatives and the senate
after how many years does the federal gov't complete a census
10 years
what are the qualification and the term limits of a member of the house represantatives
what is the name for people that are beng epresented by a congressperson
what is the purpse of a gerrymander
to increase the voting strongth of a particular
what are the qualufication and the term limits of a mamber of the senate
senator serve six years terms
how many memebers of the republc party have to be in the sente to have a majority
how many members of the republeic party have to be in the house of representative to have majority
what is the name of the majority leader in the house of representatives
president pro tempore
what is the name of the majority leader in the senate
the presindent
what is a stand commitee
permanont committees that continue their work from seesion
what is a select commitee
that are created to do a special job for a limited period
what is a joint commitee
which include members of both house
wht is a conference commitee
which helps the house and senate agree on the details of a probosed laws
if you were a senate how would you choose which commitee you would serve on
by what they stand for
who makes committee assignment
political parties
how does seniority affect committee assignment
they get preferved committee spot
waht part of the constitution spell out the powers of congress/ what are those powers called
congress in article section a, expressed power, impiled power, elastic clause
what does article section a clause 18 give congress
give congress the a uthority to do whatever is ness ary and propers to carry out the expressed powers
wgat is an instance where the implied power are used
what ever in the constiution
which level of the legislative branch is closest to the people
elastic clause
where do all tax bills begin ? why?
house of representative. because he fromer believed the menber of congree closet to the people should be the ones to propose taxes
what are the two steps that congress spends money and explain each
a. authorzation bills- creat projects like the space shuttle program and establish how much money can be spent on them
b. appropriution bills actaully provide the money for each program or actrity
what power does congress exclusively have in term of foreigh affairs
national defense
what legislative body must approval all treaties
supreme court sustices, rederal, judges, and ambassalors
what are 8 non legislative body must approvl all treaties
electoral powers exexuture power, judicial power,investigative powers, constituent power, administraive powers, territoral power,ternal power, representative,
what are some limiation on conreessional power
writ of habeas corpus, bill of a tander , ex post fasto law