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The distribution and management of network services across the Internet.
daemon (inetd)
Used by Linux and UNIX, it is a program used to start other servers.
access control list
Defines the permissions for a resource by specifying which users and groups have access to the resource.
A cache of memory used by a computer to store frequently used data. Create the illusion of faster access times and can help reduce skips and pauses in media playback.
caching server
A dedicated server or a service within a server that speeds data access by storing data retrieved by users (such as web pages), then presenting it directly to users who later request the same data.
directory server
A dedicated server that identifies all resources on a network. It then makes these resources available to authenticated users.
certificate servers
Validate or certify keys. Keys are strings of text generated from a complex series of algorithms that allow you to secure communications for a company or grouo of users.
Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)
Developed from X.500 at the University of Michigan. Uses a simplified X.500 directory structure is hierarchical, similar to an X.500 directory.
Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME)and Secure MIME.
Allows HTTP and e-mail attachments to identify the files they must use.

Secure MIME (S/MIME) is used for secure transmissions and encrypts MIME data.
Database server types
Used for building high-performance websites: certificate, directory, catalog, and transaction servers.
robots and spiders
Programs that use algorithms and search parameters to find and index files, folders, and other materials.
Causes two sets of writes to occur for each write that takes place. A mirror set is established between two physical hard drives or partitions.
hosts file
A simple text file that is referenced locally by applications and commands for name-to-address resolution.