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racial-ethnic group
people who share a common identity and whose members think of themselves as distinct from others by virtue of ancestry, culture, and sometimes physical characteristics
a person living in the US who traces his or her ancestry to Latin America
Asian american
a person living in the US who comes from or is descended from people who came from an Asian country
non-hispanic white
people who identify their race as white but do not think of themselves as hispanic
union formation
the process of beginning to live with a partner either through cohabitation or marriage
mediating structures
mid-level social insitutions and groupings, such as the church, the nieghborhood, the civil organization, and the family
total fertility rate (TFR)
the avg number of children a woman will bear over her lifetime if current birthrates remain the same
labor force
all people who are either working outside the home or looking for work
transnational families
families that maintain continual contact between members in the sending and receiving countries
consensual union
a cohabiting relationship in which a couple consider themselves to be married but have never had a religious or civil marriage ceremony
the process by which immigrant groups merge their culture and their behavior with that of the dominant group in the host country
immigrant enclave
a large, dense, single-ethnic group, almost self-sufficient community
social capital
the resources that a person can access through his or her relationships with other people