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equal/civil rights
terms that refer to equal protection under the law and access to publics facilities and societys opportunities
de facto
discrimination that is a consequence of social, economic, and cultural biases and conditions
de jure
discrimination based on law
Civil Rights Acts
1963 + 1968
Equal Protection Clause
the courts have proteced such groups as blacks and women from discrimination by state and local gov'ts
Reasonable-Basis test
the courts require gov't only to show that a particular law has a sound basis
Strict-scrutiny test
law is unconstitutional if there is no overwhelmingly convincing agruement that is necessary
Intermediate-scrutiny test
gender/compelling interest
suspest classifications
judgements based on race/ethnicity are assumed to be discriminatory, and are pressumed to be unconsitutional
affirmative action
a deliberate effort to provide full and equal oppportunities in employment and education