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independent contractor
similar to an employee, except is subject to control only as to the end result, not as to the way in with the act is performed.
unlike an employee, no expenses are paid for, and no employee benefits are given.
procuring cause
the chain of events that resulted in the sale.
transaction broker
NOT an agent of either party. Their job is simply to help both the buyer and the seller with the necessary paperwork and formalities involved in transferring ownership of real property.
price fixing
the practice of setting prices for products or services rather than letting competition in the open market establish those prices.
market allocation
an agreement between brokers to divide their markets and refrain from competing for each other's business
tying agreements
agreements to sell only 1 product if the buyer purchases another product as well.
group boycotting
occurs when 2 or more businesses conspire against another business or agree to withhold their patronage to reduce competition.
This is illegal