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What is the spinal cord?
Part of the central nervous system. A rope of neural tissue that runs inside the hollows of the vertebrae from just about the pelvis and into the base of the skull.

Contains basic movement programs and reflex pathways.
What is Gray matter? What is it's function?
A segment of the spinal cord that is dominated by the cell bodies of neurons
What is White matter? What is it's function?
A segment of the spinal cord that consists mostly of axons and the fatty sheaths.
What is the central pattern generator?
A circuit that, once activated, produces a rhythmic, recurring set of movements.

Allows coordinated movement througout the entire body.
What is the brainstem? Function?
A section of the bottom of the brain that houses the most basic programs of survivial such as breathing, swallowing, vomiting, urination, and orgasm.
What is reticular formation?
A large network of neural tissue within the brainstem. Involved in behavioral arousal and sleep-wake cycles.
What is the tectum? Function? Location?
Located at the back of the midbrain, this brain structure helps guide orientation towards sounds or moving stimuli.

- on the top of the midbrain
- tectum moves an organism to face an attention-grabing stimulation
What is the cerebellum? Function? Location?
A large convoluted protuberance at the back of the brainstem.

Essential for coordinated movement and balance.

-"little brain"
-Extremely important for proper motor movement.
What is the Hypothalamus? Function? Location?
A small brain structure that is vital for temperature regulation, emotion, sexual behavior, and motivation.

-master regulatory system, indispensible to survival
- drives organisms by thirst, hunger, agression, lust