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john smith
WHO: A man who moved to Jamestown with the other colonists but then took over when he same how the colony was slowly deteriorating
WHAT: he forced the colonists to plant better crops, build better houses, and traded with Powhatan
WHEN: Smith gained control in 1608
WHY: He took over the settlement in Jamestown. Sadly he was injured and went back to England with a strong leader.
a settle ment where the settlers traded with the powahaton tribe for maufactured english goods but eventually wound up stealing from them
john rolfe
WHO: colonist in Jamestown
WHAT DID HE DO: he helped solve the problem of not making a profit for the London Company
HOW: he introduced a sweeter West Indian variety and the colonists were able to export tobacco to England successfully.
WHEN: 1612
indentured servants
WHO: People who could often were in some financial trouble
WHAT: Not slaves- they signed an indenture, or contract, to work from 4 to 7 years for those who paid their ship fare to America.
WHERE: Started in Virginia then moved throughout the colonies
WHEN: For 40 years (around 1620)
WHY: for instance if someone was moving 2 Virginia but could not afford the traveling costs.
house of burgessess
WHO: Virginia’s elected assembly
WHAT: People were complaining that the members of the House of Burgesses raised taxes only to pay themselves a higher salary.
WHERE: Virginia
WHEN: the late 1600s
WHY: the colonists said this after Governor William Berkeley made a comment about the citizens which they made a truthful about the government to defend themselves.
great migration
def: a mass movement of puritans trying to escape to religious freedom
massachusetts bay colony
WHO: A group of Puritans and merchants
WHAT: Planned 2 start a Puritan colony in North America
WHERE: North America, Massachusetts
WHEN: 1629- King Charles I granted the charter. 1630-group of Puritan ships left England for America
WHY: Because they hoped to have the freedom to establish their own religion.
Anne Hutchinson
WHO: A woman who angered the authorities by voicing her opinions about the government
WHERE: Rhode Island
WHEN: 1645s
WHY: did not agree with anything the government nor clergy had to say.
New England Colonies:
New Hampshire
Rhode Island
Middle colonies
New Jersey
New York
coloinies of south
Spanish Florida
North Carolina
South Carolina
WHO: A group of people in England who were religiously strong
WHAT: A group of people from England who wanted to reform, or purify the Church of England
WHERE: England
WHEN: throughout the 16 and 1700s
WHY: They wanted to reform the church because they thought it was corrupt and kept too many catholic traditions
WHO: Separatists
WHAT: A group of Separatists that were to be persecuted by the authorities
WHERE: England then left England to reach religious freedom
WHEN: they left England in 1607
WHY: they left England to escape such treatment mentioned above
mayflower compact
def: basic laws and social rules that would goven their colony
roger williams
WHO: Roger Williams- a minister who disagreed with the leadership of Massachusetts
WHAT: Left the colony, spent two years with the local Indians, came back 2 the colony to gather up his followers to start a complete separation from the church of England, talked badly about the Massachusetts government, was banished from the colony for his actions, then started Rhode Island
WHERE: Massachusetts.
WHEN: 1630s
WHY: He left the colony because he disagreed with the government and leadership of Massachusetts
def:they founded it for relief for poor people and a buffer against spanish florida
-their leader Oglethorpe outlawed slavery, limited sizes of land grants to 500 acres each, mad alcohol illegal
-colonists overthrew him