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What is Developmental Psychology?
Age related changes in behavior and mental processes
What is Cognition?
All mental activities associated with remembering, thinking, and communicating
What are the 3 major issues for Developmental Psychologists?
1. Nature vs. Nurture
2. Continuity/Stages
3. Stablility/Change
Why is Nature vs. Nurture an issue?
How do our genetic inheritance (our nature) and experiences (nurture we receive) influence our development?
What is Continuity/Stages as an issue?
Is development a gradual, continuous process, or does it proceed through a sequence of different stages.
What is Stability/Change as an issue?
Do our early personality traits stay the same throughout life, or do they change as we age?
What did John Locke believe?
He believed that everything we know, our personalities, etc. are born with us.
What is the name of a group that also believe that everything we know, our personality, etc. is born with us?
Describe the first stage of Jean Piagets 4 stages of development-
occurs between ages birth to 2 years; Stage is called Sensorimotor which is when they experience the world through sensations
Describe the second stage of Jean Piagets 4 stages of development-
occurs between ages 2 to 6 years; Stage is called Preoperational- represent things with words and images but lack logical reasoning
Describe the third stage of Jean Peagets 4 stages of development-
occurs between ages 7 to 11 years; Stage is called Concrete Operational which is thinking logically about concrete events, can do arithmetical operations
Describe the fourth stage of Jean Piagets 4 stages of development-
occurs between ages 12 to adulthood; Stage is called Formal Operational which is abstract reasoning
What is the definition of Temperament?
you are born with it; a person's emotional reactivity and intensity
Describe what a Zygote is-
prenatal development; conception to 2 weeks, fertilized eggs
Describe what an Embryo is-
prenatal development; 2 to 8 weeks, most sensitive time because all organs, except for sex organs, develop at this time
Describe what the Fetus is-
prenatal development; 9 weeks to birth
What is Schema?
concept or framework that organizes and interprets information
What is Assimilation?
interpreting one's new experience in terms of one's existing schemas
What is Accommodation?
adapting one's current understandings to incorporate new information
What is Egocentrism?
children can only see or understand things from their point of view
What is Conservation?
change the shape of a container with liquid in it, a child can conserve the correct volume of the liquid
What is Separaion Anxiety?
When a mother leaves and a child cries
What is Stranger Anxiety?
when children are scared or frightened by seeing people they do not know