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lines body cavities what thelium is this
lines blood vessels, inner covering
lines blood vessels and lungs
simple squamos
lines trachea
pseudostratified columnar
lines bladder
lines digestive tract
simple columnar
lines kidney tubules, ducts, part of ovaries
simple cuboidal
main function of simple squamos
secretion, filtration
main function of other simple tissues
not very protective cuz thin so secrete and absorb
stratified squamos u find
epidermis, vagina, mouth
purpose stratified squamos
for high abrasion
is stratified squamos the same throughout
no on bottom layers have columnar and cuboidal
lines the ducts and glands like mammary glands
stratified cuboidal
lines urethra and other ducts
stratified columnar
what is connective tissue made of
ground substance, cells, and fibers
what is ground substance
extracellular matrix of the follwing kind: interstitial fluid, adhesion proteins, proteoglycans, its the background stuff
what are the three kinds of fibers that youll find in connective tissue
collagen, reticular, elastic
collagen is made of, reticulicar is made of and elastic is made of
collagen, collagen, elastin
whats the difference bt collagen and reticular fibers
made of same substance, reticular fibers just finer and have different functions, collagen is tough, reticular fibers provide a softer support
describe relationship bt reticiular fibers and collagen
collagen does the tough work and reticular fibers are continuous with it, providing support for more delicate stuff like support the soft tissue of organs and blood vessels (fuzzy soft packaging)
where would u find elastic fibers
where your body needs to stretch like the lungs and blood vessel walls
whats the diff bt a fibroblast and fibrocyte
blast is actively making the ground substance and fibers, cyte just maintaining it
what kind of cells do you find in connective tissue
macrophages, plasma cells, mast cells, macrophages, fibroblasts
embryonic connective tissue
mesenchyme forms from the
what are the two types of connective tissue
loose and dense
what are the three kinds of loose connective tissue
reticular, aerolar, adipose
what are the two kinds of dense connective tissue
regular and irregular
Loose connective tissue is more for....while dense connective tissue is more for....
loose; support
dense: resistance
givin the overall function of dense and loose tissue dense tissue since its all about resistance would be mostly made of
collagen, with a few elastin fiber
what is the role of aerolar tissue
wraps and cushions organs, role for inflammation, hold tissue fluid, binds body parts
what is the role of reticular tissue
make a soft internal skeleton for cells
what is the name of the soft internal skeleton that supports cells
what is the structure of reticular tissue
just like aerolar but only reticular fibers
what is aerolar tissue like
has all fibers, very gooey cuz it has all this liquid and it has some scattered cells, soft packaging material
where do you find aerolar tissue
under epithelia, packaged around organs
where do you find reticular tissue
spleen, bone marrow, lymph organs
three kinds of cartilage are
hyaline, elastic, fibrocartilage
adipose tissue is like
aerolar but the fat crowds everything out, and its more compact
cartilage is for
tension and compression
pits where you can find chondrocytes
what makes elastic cartilage so flexible
elastic fibers
fibrocartilage is in between being
dense regular connective tissue and hyalie cartilage
what is hyaline cartilage made of
lots of collagen and some chondrocytes
what cartilage can provide the strongest support
how different is elastic cartilage from hyaline
not much, just that elastic has elastin fibers
whats in between vertebrae fibrocartilage or hyaline cartilage
fibrocartilage, cuz its for the harder stuff
where would u find hyaline cartilage
tip of nose, connects ribs to sternum
where would u find elastic cartilage
epiglottis and external ear
tendons and ligaments are made of regular dense connective tissue or irregular
your dermis is made dense irregular or regular connective tissue
are the cutaneous, mucous, and serous membranes considered organs
why is smooth muscle cause smooth
cuz it has no striations
funny but when u bleed do your blood vessels at first contract or dilate
dilate to allow white blood cells and clotting proteins
what is the first tissue to be formed at site of injury
whats the purpose of the organization stage
restore blood supply
granulation tissue eventually becomes
scar tissue
gland rupture to release product
shapes for glands
tubular, aveolar