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Korematsu v US 1944
constitutionality of concentration camps
War Production Board
produced enormous amount of weaponry
halted the manufacture of nonessential things
Office of Price Admin
brought prices down
War Labor Bd
no wage increases
Smith-Connaly Anti-Strike Act 1943
seize and operate tied up businesses
gov took control of coal mines and rrs
Fair Employment Practices Commission
no discrimination in defense industries
threatened a negro march on washington
Significance of Coral Sea
all fighting was done by carrier based aircraft
Significance of Midway
Jp lost 4 carriers
turning pt in the pacific war
Nimitz and Spruance
Significance of Guadalcancal
Jp to Am lost 10 to 1
Am forces driving towards Tokyo would reduce fortified jp outposts
bypassing some of the most heavily fortified jp posts,capturing nearby islands, setting up airfields on them, and neutralizing the enemy bases
Battle of El Alamein
Montogomery attacked the germans led by Rommel all the way back to Tunisia
turning pt
Soft Underbelly
Eisenhower on French held north africa ag ger-it army