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What are the four types fo motherboard form factors?
Baby AT
Mini ATX
How many power cords connect to a baby AT motherboard?
2 a pin 8 and pin 9
What characteristics of the motherboard architecture determine the amount of memory that a CPU can address?
The size fo the address bus on a motheroard must match the number of pins the CPU uaes for memory addresses: together these determine how namy memouy addresses the CPU can use.
What was the first CPU to contain external cache:
The Pentium 2
If you know the system bus speed, how can you deternine the CPU speed?
System bus speed x mutiplier = CPU speed
When is it appropriate to use a Celeron rather than a Pentium 2 in a coumputer system?
When using Windows 9x.
Which is more powerfull Xeon or Celeron Processor?