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Eleanor Roosevelt
the most active First lady in the history
influenced policies of the national government
Election of 1932
FDR- D *
Hoover- R
Sign- For the First time, Blacks became a part of the Democratic party
National Banking Holiday
FDR, to prelude the opening the banks on a sounder basis
The 100 Days Cong
Emergency Congress
passed a series of laws in order to cope with the national emergency
The New Deal
Relief, Recovery, Reform
Blank-Check Powers
head of the most of the New Deal Authority
Emergency Banking Relief Act
regulate the banking transactions and foreign exchange and to reopen solvent banks
Glass-Steagall Banking Reform Act
created Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation FDIC
insured individual banks deposits up to $5,000
ended the bank failures
Civilian Conservation Corps
provided employment for about 3M
Federal Emergency Relief Act (Administration) FERA
headed by Hopkins
granted about $3B to the states or direct relief payments or wages on work projects
Agricultural Admistration Act
help farmers meet their mortgages
Home Owners' Loan Corporation
assisted many houses that had trouble paying mortgages
Works Progress Administration
employment on useful projects
criticized by taxpayers
National Recovery Administration NRA
assist industry, labor, and the unemployed
Schechter Decision
cong could not delegate leg powers tot he president
cong conrol of the interstate commerce could not apply to local business
Agricultral Adjustment Administration
parity prices
(Parity- the price set for the product that gave it the same eral value, in purchasing power, 1909-1914)
The Public Works Administration PWA
both ind recovery and for unemployment relief
Harold L. Ickes
spent over $4B on thousands of projects
Soil Conservation and Domestic Allotment Act
reduction of crop acreage achieved by paying farmers to plant soil-conserving crops
Dust Bowl
trans-Miss plains
caused by countless acres, dry-farming techniques, and mechanization
Frazier-Lemke Farm Bankruptcy Act
suspensiono f mortgage foreclosures for 5 yrs
***struck down by S.C
Resettlement Admin
moving near-farmless farmers to better lands
Indian Reorganization Act
self-gov to N.A tribes
preserve their traditions
Federal Securities Act
ag fraud
Securities and Exchange Commission SEC
watchdog ag admin agency
TN Valley Authority TVA
predicting how much the production and distribution of electricity would cost
test the fairness of rates
Federal Housing Administration FHA
US Housing Authority USHA
lend money to states or communities for low-cost production
Social Security Act of 1935
security for old age
National Labor Relations Act
(Wagner Act)
National Labor Relations Bd
admin purposes
rights of labor to engage in self-organization and to bargain collectively through rep of its own choice
Committee for Industrial Organization CIO
John Lewis
sit-down strike technique