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Charles Evans Hughes
Sec of State
Andrew W. Mellon
Sec of Treasury
Herbert Hoover
Sec of Commerce
Sen. Albert B. Fall
Sec of Interior
Harry M. Daugherty
Attorney General
Adkins v. Children's Hospital
Under the 19th Amendment, women were not to given any special rights at the workplace
Esch-Cummins Transportation Act of 1920
Private management of the RR's
Cong. encouraged the ICC to guarantee their profitability
Merchant Marine Act of 1920
Authorized the Shipping Board to dispose of the wartime vessels at a very low prices
La Follette Seaman's act of 1915
American shipping could not thrive in competition with foreigners
Veterans' Bureau
operate hospitals and provide treatment for disabled veterans
American Legion
by Col. Theodore Roosevelt, Jr.
met to renew old hardships
Adjusted Compensation Act
efforts by Legionaries
giving every former soldier a paid-up insurance due in 20 yrs
Disarmament Conference
invitation to all the major powers
Navy- Am, Br, Jp (5:5:3)
5-Power Treaty of 1922
Americans and the British would refrain from fortifying their far eastern possessions, including Philippines
Japanese were not subject to such possessions
4-Power Treaty
Jp, Fr, US, Br
preserved the status quo in the pacific
Kellogg-Briand Pact
(Pact of Paris)
ratified by 62 nations
by Frank B. Kellogg
peace (although defensive wars permitted)
Fordney McCumber Tariff Law
raising the tariff from 27% to 35%
Sign- hurt the American economy as well as European
Charles R. Forbes
head of the Veterans Bureau
caught stealing $200 mil from gov
Teapot Dome scandal
Fall leased the oil reserve land to Sinclair and Doheny after receiving a bribe
Calvin Coolidge
took over after Harding died
Exception- troops in the Carribean and Central Am
1924 Election
Rep- Coolidge *
Dem- John W. Davis
Progressive- La Follette
Dawes Act of 1924
by Charles Dawes
-rescheduled German reparations payments
-Am loans to Germany
Election of 1928
Rep- Herbert Hoover
Dem- Alfred F. Smith
Agricultural Marketing Act
designed to help the farmers
set up Fdrl. Farm Boards
Federal Farm Board
lend money to farm organizations seeking to buy, sell, or store ag sur+s
Grain Stabilization Corporation
Cotton Stabilization Corp
goal was to boost falling prices by buying up sur+s
Hawley Smoot Tariff 1930
started as mild tariff
raised to 60%
Sign- deepened the depression
increased financial crises
"Black Tuesday"
October 29, 1929
millions of stocks were sold in panic
Stockholders had lost $40 bil
The Great Depression
overproduction by both farm and factory
not enough money was going into salaries and wages
overexpansion of credit
economic destruction of Europe
Hoover's plan
gov would assist rr's, banks, rural credit corp
criticized because he gave the gov money to the big bankers
Reconstruction Financial Corp
assist insurance companies, ag organizations, banks, rr's and state and local govs
Norris-La Guardia Anti-Injunction Act 1932
outlawed antiunion contracts
fdrl cts to issue injunctions to restrain strikes, boycotts, and peaceful picketing
Bonus Expeditionary Force
background- veterans,harderst hit
claimed 20,000 people
demanded immediate bonus in the capital