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betty friedan
equal pay act
which kennedy signed in june 1963
national organization for women
as the result
gloria steinem
one of the women
national women's politicqal caucus
to encourage women to run for political office
education Amendments act
which outlawed sexaul
phyllis schlafly
was pleased when the ERA Failed to win ratification
bella abzug
recieved national attention
shirley chisholm
received national attention
cesar chavez
LA HUelga
the delano grape strike lasted until 1970
reies lopez tijerina
led the alianaza federal de mercedes
alianza federal de mercedes
or federal alliance of land grants
brown berets
inspired by the black panthers
rodolfo gonzales
became on of the leading fiures workers
crusade for justice
a group that promoted
mexican american youth organization
jose angel gutierrez
had been inspired by a 1966
la raza unida party
rup cities
russell means
souix who was born
ed roberts
young californian who had become a quadriplegice
rehabilitation act
this act forbade discrimination
educaition for all handicappped children act
which required public schools to provide education
american assocaiation of retired persons
becamt the largest such group
gray panthers
founded by maggie kuhn
maggie kuhn
she recalled tht when she was forced t retire
older americans act
which committed the gov to prividing elderly american withadequate incom
children's defense fund
marian wright edelman
explained the groups purpose as identifying
mario savio
others helped organize the priotest
alternative lifestyle
timothy leary
became the drugs leading supporter
pop art
it was intded to appeal to popular taste
british invasion
the introduction o fnew british bands
joan baez
wrote lyrics that sent a political message
bob dylan
wrote lyrics that sent a political message
jams bronw
dynamic artist of the era
areha franklin
known as the queen of soul
was more than just a rock concert